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The NUC is a not for profit company to serve the needs of Carers and their families, at home or in low paid Carers work out integrating community.

We aim to fight and secure better work and pay conditions for all Carers who are exploited, though in particular those caring at home for their sick and urged disabled loved ones. 


We would love to have your signature on our petition to "Increase Carer's Allowance to equal 35 hrs at National Minimum Wage" Click the link  >> >  https://petition.parliament.uk/signatures/128287386/verify?token=Nf_dZ_hZEebYO05-fNKA

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 Report showing  Unpaid carers provide social care worth £57 billion 

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 ADT Healthcare offers a free helpline dedicated to helping women suffering from drug, alcohol and mental health issues. ADT Healthcare was established in 2011 by people who overcame addiction themselves. 


Interesting video about protective arm sleeves for carers. 

Our Vision

Bring Carers together at Seminars where we can talk, build confidence to develop computing and IT skills. Those that cannot attend can become a member and then login. Then, join in our group discussions at the IT learning sessions. This will dilute many of the isolation issues presented whilst enduring a Caring role.

Many are not able to afford these levels of equipment, so with fully equipped Training Modules, will ensure their families training will not only offer them confidence to produce quality projects, but also build them into being able to take on many tasks in a confident manner. Also, ideal if their caring role ends and where they are looking for worthwhile employment. 

Covering at least South Devon through online, webinars and exhibition seminars will reach out to many thousands of Carers. This equipment will provide the tools to offer support, training, discussions and develop ideas from all carers that join in, so that one day our aim will be to sympathise, support and develop changes that will make their lives better. A healthy Carer can do a better job, whilst much of their own ailing conditions may become more insignificant, due to their improved state of mind.

With the camera equipment we intend to visit Carers homes to interview them about a day in their lives. This can then be shown to health authorities so they can evaluate what there not seeing and act sympathetically to their needs and often cries for help. We have always believed prevention is better than cure. Indeed, a Healthy mind brings a healthier body and a little support and appreciation for what they do, not patronising either, just real acceptance of what they do as is all too often a very tough life. Feeling more confident will not only improve their day to day skills in Caring, but additional training in IT, video and smart screen demonstrations can only help with their one to one Duties at home. It could make their sick loved ones live a longer and fuller lives, whilst the Carer themselves feel more complete and belong to the community at least, which is generally something they all too often feel they fall well short of and which affects their attitudes to those they care for. It becomes a duty of care and not just wanting to care. 

We aim to run confidence and development courses, to build the confidence they’ll need when the Caring stops and to provide additional day to day self-confidence.
We can develop workshop searches for paid, even voluntary work. Help with building a CV with the essence on their Caring role playing a major part in dealing with patience, organisation, budgeting, subtlety and in general being 100% reliable from confronted with all too often difficult and sometimes tragic tasks. Indeed, showing they too can so much to offer. 

Our aim is to run this project as “Who Really Cares “, so as to educate and encourage the media at large to understand what Caring is really about and how much it can emotionally hurt. Doctors, Nurses, Health Associates, even Professional Care Workers and which all of whom do a great job, get to go home to some sort of normality.

A Carer at Home never gets that break or relief so please remember that.

Terry Bayliffe, Managing Director
Three Times a Carer for many of the past Forty Years 


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