Why Are We Doing This?

mandy bayliffe

Mandy Bayliffe, was a terminally ill young mother who suffered complications during childbirth and had an incurable heart condition. The turmoil, frustrations and extreme hardships encountered by Mandy, her family and other families after such an experience are tremendous.

Seeing the stress, trauma and suffering inflicted on her family made her all the more determined to change the way Carers and their families were treated. Albeit she made many achievements towards those changes, she died before her works were completed.

So she is now our Mascot to help Carers and their families change their lives.

NUC was created to help, support and change Carers lives for good. So Please join us in making those changes happen.

Link to purchase "Shattered Dreams" - Mandy's Book all proceeds go to the project.

Mandy's Law "Carers Charter"

New Bill of Rights Petition to award better pay, conditions and respect to Carers. They are used as cheap labour, many unpaid such as those who are retired, receiving a State Pension, so as a result cannot claim Carers Allowance. Their lives are merely an existence until the time comes when those who they care for pass away or require more specialist nursing. It's time we took a stand and ended our terrible treatment. It destroys them, their children, causing health, emotional, financial disorders, even death.

Our quest is primarily aimed for Carers at home rather than those employed in the private sector, albeit they are all welcome can become members to achieve more.

  • 1. Carers Allowance to be increased to £95 per week and not classed as income.
  • 2. Carers Allowance for all qualifying adults, even if in receipt of a State Pension.
  • 3. Mobility Allowance for all on high rate attendance, even if claiming after 65.
  • 4. Free Home and personal Care of up to six hours per week, giving Carers a break.
  • 5. Capped Mortgage Interest payments to be increased to cover up to £300000.
  • 6. Free Support / respite ,while Carers take up Training and educational modules.
  • 7. Specialist Legal Support and key housing provision, if faced with eviction.
  • 8. Full Burial Grants if the Carer dies during or within twelve months of Caring.
  • 9. Return Care in the Community to NHS to where Free Nursing/ Care is provided
  • 10. Free Prescriptions for all full time Carers at home regardless of age including free prescription pads for bowel and acute bladder incontinent sufferers whether that be the Carer or the person they care for.
  • 11. Free Health and Welfare Advise sessions in their home, during Home Care Visits.
  • 12. Fund Motability to supply high quality used vehicles to assist in their Caring role.
  • 13. Free Respite for loved ones, so their Carers/families can take a holiday break
  • 14. Support Families right to Refuse any Caring role then their sick loved one(s) will receive free Nursing ,Home Care and or Residential Care.
  • 15. High Proportion of costs provided as Tuition Grants for Child Carers once they move onto College, Apprentice Courses or even University.
  • 16. Free training and Further Education for Carers once their Caring role ends.
  • 17. Support free on-line legal advise and advocacy for Carers left without support.
  • 18. Free Crèche and or Residential child care, while their parent is Caring at Home.
  • 19. Free Driving Lessons and Test for Full time Carers to assist those they care for.
  • 20. Free Physiotherapy sessions at home to assist Carers and those they care for.