Why Join The National Union of Carers ( NUC )

Published: 15 August 2018

> NUC is a not for profit company which previously tried to register as a Charity, but because it’s aims are to campaign for more support, services and recompense for Carers ,it was excluded from being a Charity on the grounds of being politically motivated for change.
> As you probably know there any many ,rich, charities who talk a lot and write many articles, yet never physically challenge the Government and it’s Agencies to change the often disgusting way of life that Carers and their families endure.
> I myself have been a Carer at home three times in my 69 years and have personally seen the most destructive way we have to live.
> So The NATIONAL UNION of CARERS is here to change all that, albeit it will take quite a while. If you know any others whom are Carers or not, please ask them to visit our web site www.nuc.org.uk too, with a view to joining us and becoming a Member too.
> My late wife, the Charity Founder, wrote her personal story before she died in 1994 aged just 29. Please go to www.carersassociation.info and read free of charge her harrowing account called “ Shattered Dreams “. Please go to the charity web site www.carersassociation.info and download her harrowing account free of charge. Alternatively contact info@nuc.org.uk and we will email you a free copy to download.
> We are on the campaign road now to change Carers lives for good.
> Will update you as things progress and indeed have requested a meeting with the PM, having already found the local MP hard work.
> Once again many thanks for joining our Blog and should you wish to donate any amount , please visit www.nuc.org.uk or send it to our registered office at :-
> NATIONAL UNION of CARERS at 101 St Marychurch Road Torquay Devon TQ13HL 

> Terry Bayliffe for NUC