CARERS ALLOWANCE for all over 65’s

Published: 29 March 2021

All Carers ,even over 65 and in receipt of a State Pension ,must receive full Carers Allowance, free of Tax Assessment as with Pips. Over 1 million Carers in their homes are unpaid while looking after loved ones ,need to be treated with respect by The Government with a Minimum allowance ,as with all Carers at home to £99 per week. Provide free short periods of Respite each year to help them recover from their arduous tasks. Don’t forget these are often very senior citizens themselves and so need to rest too .
All other Employed Carers, in the Private Sector ,must be paid and supported in line with the NHS pay and conditions ,protocol ,As they are paid by this Nationalised Industry ,circa £16-£17000 per annum along with sick and holiday pay . So there can be no valid reason why these set of conditions shouldn’t apply to ALL Carers, private sector or not.
After all we pay for the NHS.
Mandy Baylifffe, our Mascot used to say although Hospital Workers do great work, they get to go home. Carers at home don’t get a break.