Shattered Dreams

Published: 30 March 2021

Our Mascot’s Autobiography, highlighting the plight of Carers in the home and their families too.
“ Shattered Dreams “ was sent to the USA and where it has been Script Written to Produce a Film / Movie in the UK.
The Script has been handed over to a Film Studio in London so as to be dramatised as a Film.
So please join the NUC, hopefully download her fantastic story and wait for the Film, probably being released in 2022. Any donations greatly received , Thank You.
Yet another Great British Film to come to the Silver Screen.
Very exciting times for us and all Carers out there , who do so much and for little or no return.
Please watch our Web Site for the latest news.
We need at least 100000 supporters to challenge the Government on the appalling treatment of Carers, both in the home and workplace.
On a note ,Mandy spent her last five years fighting for their respect ,so please help her make the changes needed to provide the support all Carers Deserve.