The total injustice to Mentally Challenged People

Published: 29 April 2021

Letter to the Legal Ombudsman

The total injustice to Mentally Challenged People
When I contacted you in the first place, financial compensation wasn’t the primary concern, but that Insurances Companies see fit to exclude a key area of the population, who struggle with life enough, yet are persecuted due to their Mental disorders.
So yes I disagree and look to have the case looked at again by the Ombudsman.
However if any decision is going to be based on Case Law, then any human or Civil rights are obviously being excluded.
They, like my wife, have an equal right to be , Nursed, compensated or whatever they need to assure the quickest possible recovery.
Many , I suspect, exaggerate their physical conditions following an accident , however Mentally Challenged people are unable to lie, which might hamper any such claim.
Since the accident, have needed to be by my Wife’s side 24/7, so any works that I did via Computer have had to be aborted.
So try and look at this from a Human point of view.
Mr T R Bayliffe
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On 16 Apr 2021, at 13:12, Julide Ozeren <> wrote:
Dear Mr Bayliffe,
Thank you for your quick response. 
Should you disagree with my findings, the next step in our process is that I would proceed to write and issue a case decision – this is essentially a more detailed written formalisation of my findings. If either party still disagrees after reading this decision, they can request an ombudsman’s decision – this is independent of my decision but is final and would be the end of our process.
Please confirm if you disagree or agree with my findings and I will take the next step in our process.
Kind regards,
Julide Ozeren
Legal Ombudsman
Telephone: 0121 435 1644