The Final Nail in The British Coffin

Published: 29 April 2021

This last Pandemic must be the final Nail in The British Coffin. Why ,well because virtually all our Steel, Power, Technology and our Motor Industries have either been closed down or sold off to the lowest bidder.

Millions of full time jobs and Careers have already been lost ,so myself and many others feel we need to reboot our whole existence. This is the ideal opportunity to take back our industries, restore and employ our best engineers, young and older to recreate the Britain we once had. Like the days when you could switch jobs on a Friday and start anew on the Monday.
Apart from pumping Billions into the economy to take back and develop our Industries, begin the process of reducing our dependency on the Asian Markets and their Powerhouses. Stop buying new Iphones etc , instead offer inexpensive batteries and upgrades too. Apart from making most things recyclable ,it’s a step towards slowing down the death of our Planet and maybe even it’s rebirth. On a final note we need to reduce our population by billions too.
Great Britain was once the envy of the World and so need to get back some of that Pride back. After all our forefathers paid for this with blood , sweat and tears, not counting the enormity of those lost tragically in the two Wars. Many I fear for nothing too. If they were here today what would they feel about all those friends, relatives and colleagues that fell, often within the first few yards on the battlefields.
So please let me know what you think, though remember without significant change we are looking at a lost generation already and maybe even all of us sooner rather than later.
Surely if there is going to be another way, this must be somewhere at the top.
Then maybe they’ll be enough left over to pay for REAL CARE in the COMMUNITY.