Kids Left Without Their Mums

Published: 14 May 2021

 In 1989 my late Wife ‘ Mandy ‘ gave birth to our Son, Daniel, under very difficult circumstances ,due a Medical mistake.

She contracted Preclampsia being misdiagnosed, leading to Clampsia and was left terminally ill and given only a few months to live. She hung on for five years, suffering many problems including Strokes and Tia’s along the way . She finally lost the fight on 28th of August 1994 aged just 29.

She left a doting husband, a five year old son and her two other children which she was Nanny to until marrying their father, being me.

There has been little or no dialogue with me ,my Wife or Mandy’s Son ever since, highlighting the devastation bereavement causes, when a young Mum or Dad is lost.

Mandy Wrote her story “ Shattered Dreams “ before she died ,sold all over the world via Amazon Kindle and other outlets , to try and explain how difficult dealing with a Family, who care for a young dying Mum or Dad will be and the utter devastation their loss causes. Incidentally no FREE physical, emotional or financial support exists.

Take Care.

Terry Bayliffe

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