Mandys Charter

Published: 14 May 2021



OVER 1 Million Carers looking after one or more loved ones in their home do not qualify for Carers Allowance, because they receive a State Pension and where most paid for it through their Contributions out of their earnings. Yet the a Government say it has to be means tested and only payable if you have little or no savings, even though they may have paid taxes all their working lives, just to forfeit any assistance, because of it.

I used to run Companies, paid £50k+ per annum and for what I say. When my wife of 25 years suffered a Stroke and which left her with both physical and Mental Challenges.
It’s neither hers or my fault she became ill and where we are left to die, without any financial or physical help at all.

Indeed more recently she wandered out into our very quiet and private road to post a letter opposite in the Box. I had no idea she had gone out as never leaves our home usually. She fell and where a neighbour called an Ambulance, which arrived just as I git there. Following an examination they suggested she attend hospital with them, but which as she suffers from Acute Anxiety Disorder , refused to go. She was then escorted home and a call came from the NHS offering her some support, seeing she had suffered a fall.

Now she received Carer assistance 30 minutes a day for almost eight weeks and without cost.
So we need to fight and Petition The Government to provide a standard level of home care free at the point of need , also providing their loved ones who normally Care for them with a short break. Long enough, maybe to have a coffee, walk round the garden, put the washing on etc, etc.
There are many issues about care that desperately need reform and no we don’t need yet another enquiry, taking years and the costs that will no doubt follow it.

The Rights of Mentally Challenged People travelling in a vehicle.

Most of you don’t realise don’t realise that if such a person is involved in a collision with a third party vehicle, cannot claim compensation for trauma, if no physical injuries are present.

Example in October 2019 it was necessary to pull up outside our local Coop in Wellswood Torquay and where I got out, leaving my sick Wife in the passenger seat for a couple of minutes, while provisions were collected.

However to my shock she came into the said Store Screaming. On examination an Andigestion Lorry had reversed into our car , unknowingly and where the driver then apologised profusely. I managed to calm my wife down and sit her back in the car again, even though the rear was smashed in and with glass everywhere.

We drove home, about a mile away , called Motability and Royal Sun Alliance, who sent a replacement vehicle out and took ours away on a low loader lorry.

Our Motability Car was returned a while later, duly repaired, then my Wife’s injuries were discussed with the RSA Solicitors Carpenters, with view to making a claim for her injuries. They requested she attend a surgery with a Mental Health Consultant, who concurred her mental trauma could last at least six months.

However even though Motability and their Insurance Partners RSA, concurred that as she is Mentally Ill, could not claim any compensation.

I took it up with The Ombudsman, but whom also concurred that Motability , RSA and Carpenters were correct in not allowing her to claim for the trauma caused by the accident, based on some earlier Ruling .Indeed over a year on ,she is still struggling to cope with the aftermath .

I call on the public to denounce all those involved and say “ Shame on you all “ ,against somebody who couldn’t defend themselves against the wrath of the big corporates.

Not forgetting the enormous pressures put on their all too often unpaid loved one who cares for them.

I am 72 yrs old, suffer with Diabetes, MS, a Stroke in 2010 followed by several Tia’s. All started with a Bells Palsy attack some years earlier.




WE DESERVE SO MUCH MORE All Carers at Home must be paid a decent level, free from tax, so they can employ help ,should the need emerge. All other Carers in the Community must be paid in line with NHS pay and conditions of employment.