Who Runs the NUC?

Published: 14 May 2021

> Millions of Carers looking after loved ones at home are shunned, not paid or supported and thus being abused by the State.
>> But first My name is Terry Bayliffe DOB 20/09/48
>> I look after my wife 24/7 ,due to a Stroke she suffered in 2015 leaving her with Acute Anxiety Disorder to name but one. I used to employ a House Keeper to keep things under control, but now it’s down to me and my 30 yr old son. He cannot move on because we are in a mess and the State won’t help, nor provide any support.
>> I suffer myself with the effects of a Stroke, several Tia’s, MS, Diabetes , Bells Palsy and a damaged Spine. Can’t even get Carers Allowance because I took my State Pension after 40 yrs of paid work, yet am excluded from Carers Allowance because you can’t have both.
>> I have just started a campaign on the “ Plights and Rights of Carers “ , of which I’m one. Having written to virtually everyone else in the media, plus other relevant charities ,yet almost all, bar one ,ignored me.
>> Contacted all Political Parties including UKIP to gain support for the above campaign.
>> All all the other Parties, ie, Labour, Liberals, Change.org and the Green Party ,Only one replied and only one agreed to meet me ,being Kevin Foster MP.
>> The Country voted to leave and so far Labour ,Lib Dems, The Green Party are hell bent on stopping the Government honouring the will of the majority.
>> I liked several candidates for the Conservative Leadership, though all but two are still there. So Boris is the nearest thing to “ The Bull in the China Shop “ way to force the result the majority voted for.
>> Obviously The Green Party and Lib Dems want to stay in the EU as that’s their main Gravy Train.
>> So ask them first ,once we leave, to treat Carers as human beings and not Canon Fodder. We have a right to be heard, paid and supported for our tasks.
>> I wanted to request an audience to ask millions of unpaid Carers to stand down from their roles ,then leave the State to do the Caring. Yet nobody would print it or even give me any airtime. Would you give me live time on the Radio to discuss this.
>> I look after my wife 24/7 and would stand down for 24 hours to prove this
>> point.
>> Please also go to www.carersassociation.info
>> Terry Bayliffe