Disgusting attitude towards Mentally Impaired people after a vehicle collision.

Published: 21 May 2021

 Ombudsman Decision

To this I replied:


We reject your decision on the grounds that even if it took six months for my wife recuperate , while it didn’t , as still very confused by it all, that would cost a minimum of £25 per day for a professional Carer x 180 days and which is £4500 .
Therefore as we have had to bridge the cost for her Care and where my three areas of work, Building Design and QS , Chairman to a charity and a Director of the National Union of Carers, have all but been abandoned.
Therefore if anything Carpenters have taken money directly from me.
Incidentally my Wife still requires Monitoring 24/7.
I will put your decision on our Carers’ Blog to show the total apathy and neglect that Carers at home suffer.
Mr T R Bayliffe