The Forgotten Souls

Published: 20 July 2022

I’m a three time Carer , because two of my past Wives and the current one, have all required 24/7 support through illnesses.
The first suffered acute Post Natal Depression, causing a complete mental collapse.
The second suffered misdiagnosed Preclampsia and full Clampsia, during the latter stages of Pregnancy, causing heart failure . At 24 she then required 24/7 Care from me until she died five year later aged just 29.
My current Wife of almost 27 years, suffered a Stroke in 2015, leaving her with both Mental and physical conditions. She also requires 24/7 Care and support.
Nobody in over forty years ever offered me support and or help and where my top work and business positions were lost because of it.
I’ve been promised talks with senior politicians over the years, yet nothing ever materialised . So please email us , and join for free. You’ll also receive a free downloadable copy of “Shattered Dreams “ by our Mascot, sold all over the World and now with a London Studio in preparation for a forthcoming Movie.
I also run a not for profit Company The NATIONAL UNION of CARERS ( NUC ), voluntarily ,when I have a few minutes.
I, like millions of other Carers, demand respect, pay and conditions in line with NHS Protocols and respite facilities.
Please let me have a voice.
Thanking you in anticipation.
Terry Bayliffe